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Thank you for choosing Bootleggers Craft Brewery and Distillery Tours of Niagara!

We are a unique craft tour company who are geeks of the industry and positive ambassadors to our region, here we believe in the fine art of food, beer and wine touring.

With over 25 years in the industry, we are the essential Niagara experience for beer, wines and spirits and will provide a first class energetic & immersive experience with great value and structure!

During your Niagara Brewery and/or Distillery experience you will enjoy full on event of what goes on behind the scenes, not just drive in and out tastings, our professional guides are the best in the industry and will give you informative quality information in your day. All our itineraries are pre-planned with reservations for our guests…we have developed immersive fun tasty experiences.

With our fleet of new Mercedes Benz vehicles we will be delivering you to Iconic new Distillery properties, specialized Wineries and local favorite Craft Beer watering holes in the Niagara area, proudly producing the best unique local products at present day, giving you, our valued guest the opportunity to immerse yourself in its culture and taste their success while on Tour.

We are a genuine Canadian experience so throw on a tarp, put on those runners, grab that touque and getty – up…hopefully this is a Texas size 10 – 4, so don’t pitter patter, lets go!…It’s a beauty of a Tour?


Being a quality ambassador means our main goal is that we want to provide you with Niagara s best and most informative experience there is, giving you the absolute truest information from the most reliable sources about the History of Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries and its evolution in the Niagara region.

Our professional guides are not just drivers, they are a very valuable resource as we work very hard to provide the best brewery and distillery tours for our valued guests.

Our guides are an amazing resource in the industry and will fill your day with great information about the beer and spirits process. Bootleggers guides have studied, worked and trained in the industry as we believe in an immersive quality experience of person and place, having fun at the same time taking home a life experience worth telling.

Over the past year while developing this extended area of our wine tour business, we have taken our time to craft immersive Niagara Brewery and Distillery tours while working very closely with local Historians, Niagara’s Teaching Brewery College and historic relevant locations in and around the Niagara region to get as much information about Bootlegging, Distilleries, old saloons, pubs & taverns, wineries and local Breweries that have shaped our landscape as far back as the mid 1800s, along with connections to the Sleeman Brewing Company, and the owners Grandfather who back in the day use to be one of the head barrel makers for Canada’s largest wine and spirits company Vincor located in the heart of Niagara Falls.

Bootleggers Beer – 101 – Did You Know ?

The Origin of the Word “Kash” or Cash:
The Egyptian pyramids were built on beer. Stonecutters, workers and public officials were paid in a type of beer called ‘kash’ – which is where the word ‘cash’ originated.

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Bootleggers, An Essential Canadian Experience

Our craft beer, food, wine and whisky tours are all first class experiences.

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Where you coming from? You up for a fun and interactive but factual and progressive food, beer, whisky and or wine experience!

Well…get up off you arse and stop being a hoser EH!

Join us so we can turn you into a keener on the topic once were done our tour.

Our guides are going to take out all the nonsense out of the kerfuffle, while we travel a few klicks you can collect a few mickys and a two four!

Once we are done with ya, you will be a bonifide Canuck and flex those Molson muscles.

We are going to cut out the back bacon and get right down to the A’s and ZEDs of the industry, for sure Dude or Dudette!

So throw on a tarp, put on those runners, grab that touque and getty – up …hopefully this is a Texas size 10 – 4, so don’t pitter patter, lets go!……What a Beauty ?

Bootlegger tours offers a little bit of something for everyone, regardless of your tastes and prior knowledge.

First & foremost we believe in offering a professional, unique, fun, and interactive life experience. We have passionate industry professionals on staff that know their stuff and love to share with our guests. Were keeners too!

With over 25 years’ experience in the food, beer, wine, and hospitality industries; we have so much to show you!

At Bootleggers, we’re proud to showcase our growing region. After your journey with us, you’ll leave the region with a greater understanding of the places you visited and the hand crafted products they created and served. We hope you’ll even take some souvenirs home with you!

Bootleggers is a subsidiary company of Canada’s top-rated wine tour company: Niagara Vintage Wine Tours – Rated #1 For Food and Drink Experiences in Niagara Wine Country! Everything that makes us #1 in Canada is brought to every Bootleggers experience. Trust us to show you a good time!

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Whiskey is sunshine and love held together by water


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